Höga Kusten Winter Classic, 28/2-2/3 2014

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Höga Kusten Bengt topp


227 ESCAPE - CAMO test”I had the pleasure of testing the TSL 227 Snow Hunter during the High Coast Winter Classic snowshoe hike. The snowshoes worked perfectly for me, I’m a quite large guy around 95kg’s and since I was doing a photography-job during the hike I was carrying a lot of heavy camera gear. The shoes gave me excellent possibilities to walk around freely through the snow without any incidents going through. I walked incline as well as decline very easy and had great grip all the way. I would definitely recommend this model to anyone.”

/Markus Sjöberg


Hogakusten_testAfter our wonderful weekend in the Swedish winter landscape, so I am left with many thoughts and observations from the use of TSL Snowshoes from the varied terrain and snow conditions.

Base Info: Temp 0 C to -2 C. Snow depth: 15 cm to 60 cm. Snow quality: grainy ice snow skaresnø and light snow. Varied terrain from flat to steep mountain forest with a lot of rock and ice. I have a weight of 105 kg, plus backpack of about 15 to 18 kg.

I tested TSL 227 Snow Hunter throughout the weekend in the different terrain that I found through my walk on the High Coast. I chose to challenge them a little to find test sites along the way, to see how they behaved. First impressions were good and that there were several details that made me excited to try. Fast and smooth tåstramming and adjustment. Good padding over the foot and smooth tension and opening. The front claw was somewhat small. Very easy to find the right adjustment feet on snowshoes.

Day 1 

Much walking in 30 cm snow of a coarse and icy type. Tested to go off the trails to test the carrying capacity. Went with snowshoes open, for a more natural walking.

The carrying capacity was good, better than expected. And they were somewhat easier to go with, when they were set loose.

Into the dense forest there was much less snow, and occasionally just ice and frozen bare ground. Much stones and roots in sloping terrain. Good stability on sloping terrain and good grip on ice and bare ground also. Felt stable due to the platform, as the base is attached to supports well.

Day 2 

This day would be much more climbs. Sometimes large stones and trees falling across trails. Used lifte heel for better foot angle. Heel lift was easy to put in place, both by hand and with walking sticks. In this position, then the claw in front more like a crampons when one would go up the steep terrain. It was easy to switch between flat and raised platform.

It was also part down, and the experience was very different from the one to go up. Tried to go straight down with snowshoes, which meant that they slipped somewhat uncontrolled. Tried to put snowshoes something sideways to give better grip. When I got more confidence attached, it went much better and I could slip a bit as well in the loose snow.

So we started on a new climb over a mountain pass. There was snow and icy crust.

It was really heel lift to their proper and crampons feeling in the toe claw set really well in the hard snow. Had not a single miss on the whole this mountain pass. There were others who I went with, had something bigger challenges with the hard snow and fell through at times.

Day 3 

Started in flat forest with grainy heavy snow. Went into the woods with some uphill. Good load capacity andnice walk despite heavy snow.

The snow was harder and more crust. The climb was the hardest on the test and again it was crampons feeling very good. Feel also horesontale that the grip was very good.

There were also some large vertical step, when there were large stones that one should over. Escap 227 feel very good with giving the feeling of being part of the foot in motion. Did not that snowshoes were hanging out in the snow, which will make the trip heavier. And this also meant that I did not fall because of this.

Towards the end of the day I was thinking not so much of a I went with snowshoes, as they had become so integrated into my legs.

What I have not gotten to test, but I wonder is, how they behave in much new and loose / cold snow. Would carrying capacity change, against the snow I had the weekend? This will probably crampons feeling less prominent and perhaps the snowshoes hanging in the snow? this I know not. Here I should probably test more about this.

If there is something that does not feel good, then it be when one goes down it does not make it safe feeling. Here I slip on the snow and is somewhat uncontrolled, especially with a backpack on.

These are some of my thoughts from this test.

Thank you for the opportunity to test a good pair of snowshoes from you. I thought it was exciting and fascinating to use the equipment in this way and at the same time to look for how a product behaves in the challenges I give them. If you should need more tests and feedback, I will be happy the challenge and take the product out of their element for further tests.

At the same time, I see that I also may promote products that I have good experience with my environment and where I walk in the forest and wilderness.

Hope to talk to you soon again.

/Eirik Nordbye


325-ESCAPE-EASY---3-4---DANUBEI was one of the participants in the High Coast Winter Classic 2014 test group.
I had the opportunity to test TSL 325 Escape Easy. This was my first time that I tried snowshoeing and got to test them for a whole weekend. My hiking shoes Mammut T Aenergy GTX with it’s round shape far forward on the shoe fit great with these snowshoes. I liked that there were two ways to adjust so that the front of my shoe sat well.
Since I’m a snowboarder  I recognized the bond that adjusts the rear of the shoe. Easy to put on, press the button and the bond adjusts itself , the snowshoes were also easy to take off. The snowshoes were wide and a little longer. I never felt that the snowshoe set too loose on my shoes. Since I weigh a little more than average I had prepared myself mentally that I would need the model 325 instead of 305. 325 has a greater carrying capacity when to move on snow. I noticed that right away, despite the small amount of snow the snowshoes worked well as transport.

Throughout the weekend as HKWC lasted, the weather changed itself and also the snow, one day the snow was hard and the next day the snow was soft. This placed heavy demands on the snowshoes.

Depending on how long the feet or shoes you have you could adjust the length, by pressing the 2 red buttons on either side of the snowshoe.
The last day that of High Coast Winter Classic the finish line was set to the top of Skuleberget.

All participants started hiking up, a distance of 2.9 km and with an elevation climb of 300 meters, then the snowshoes really endured a Hard test. I didn’t used the heel lift directly when we would go up the mountain, but after i walked a distance of 200 meter I noticed that the heel lift was needed. After i activated them it was easier to go up the mountain. I constantly had good grip.

I recommend Escape Easy 325 from TSL. I will buy my own pair!

Thanks TSL and Bengt Klingheim that made it possible for me to test these snowshoes.

/Mattias Arousell